Growing Resilient Innovative Teams & People

What is GRIT?

Growth and change take grit, determination, and courage. We want to work with people who wish to dig deep to move forward. We get gritty in our sessions. We don't dance around the surface, we tackle issues head-on, and have uncomfortable conversations, because we know you need to get gritty to achieve growth.

GRIT is a performance coaching business, working with companies to develop people and teams.  Helping them to shift out of mediocrity to high performance.

What We Offer

The success of your business hinges on its personnel.  GRIT offers a range of courses for organisations wanting to grow their people and leaders and create a better culture.  We dig deep. It takes work, but we know how to grow good people, and good people grow great organisations.

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Leadership In Action

Throughout this course, you will learn valuable skills that are essential for leadership situations. You will unlock a variety of people skills including the ability to facilitate and grow an innovative team.

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Personal Development

For those who are on a journey of self-growth, this is for you. During the course, you will learn to break old patterns and habits that no longer serve you. Achieve your full potential through this course!

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Professional Growth

With the Professional Growth course, you will develop a deeper understanding of the intricacies of managing a team, creating a harmonious work environment, effective communication and more.

What Our Clients Have To Say

"My life coaching journey with Rhonda has been very successful.  She allowed me to face things in my past and learn how these events shape who we are today and the choice to accept them as they are, acknowledge they are there and ensure that they do not continue to impact the rest of my life. 

She has a lot of tools and resources available to cater to everyone's needs. 

It has enabled me to enjoy my life and continue with a positive attitude with the changes I have made in my life."

Kujeet S

"Rhonda is an absolute professional in everything that she does. 

She has a natural way to make you feel like you are the most important person to her.  Rhonda tailor-makes her programs and sessions to suit your personal and business needs.  We met Rhonda pre-COVID-19 and this helped us make some lifestyle decisions that encouraged us to launch out from not only our business but our personal lives as well.  If you are up for the journey, Rhonda will help you with the ride."

Karen L

"Making the decision to work with Rhonda was one of the best decisions I have made. 

After 30 years in the same industry, it was time for the change.  I knew what I wanted to do and was close to making it happen but just needed help with the last step in getting there.  Working with Rhonda gave me the courage, strength and confidence to now be doing something I love and am passionate about." 


We get gritty to get growth

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About Rhonda

Rhonda knows people. She understands how to get the best out of people and teach them the tools to implement real change in their lives. She builds better leaders, better people and better teams.

Rhonda is a Neuro Change Master Trainer and a certified DISC Trainer in Behaviour Style Analysis.   She is a certified Life Coach and gained accreditation from TTI Success Insights International in Work Place Motivators and Insights Emotional Quotient Training.  Which has allowed her to be able to provide the very best coaching possible.

Rhonda started GRIT because she wanted to help other people live a better more fulfilled life.  She knows you have to walk on coals to set one's soul on fire.

GRIT's Goal

GRIT focuses on what lights the fire inside of you and your team. We then use that passion to ignite change. GRIT makes you see that you don't need to be afraid of challenges, mistakes, or setbacks, instead what matters most is that you learn from them and keep moving forward.

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Are you ready to transform lives and make real change?

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